Silver Dollar from Carolyn´s Home Madeleys Chackemate Claygar Boots´n Snudge Merrybrook Moriaty
Black-Booties O Clan-Abby
Madeleys Hit The Rite Note Wizaland Newz Sensation
Madeley´s Bizzie Lizzie
Kyla blue from Caroly´s Home Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns Dylan Clan-Abby Hiland-Trekker
Hazie-Star at Clan-Abby
Llanrose Alice Band in Beesting Beesting Twiglette
Penygate Meg´s Scruf´n Heir at Llanrose
Baby Doll from Shamrock Country Trucharm Read Allaoutit Tookurra Catch a Star Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
Tookura belice n Magic
Trumagik Classic Charm Trucharm Royal Tartan
Trumagik Toucho Karla
Eysha from Carolyn´s Home Trumagik Touch Thetartan Clan-Abby Hilad-Trekker
Trumagik Toucho Highland
Ownie laughing from Carolyn´s Home Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns Dylan
Beesting Teh Reason To Dream